February News and Tour Dates

Dear Friends,
January has been amazing! There’s been radio – Joanne Good’s afternoon show on BBC London Live, BBC Radio 4’s Start the Week and chart placings in the iTunes Jazz Charts – at one moment Number 4! That was a first, and we all got a blast from that, and hope it’ll be happening again! The Corby project has begun again and there’s a superb video of the show highlights from last November, here – 

We had 2 4 star reviews – one in the Independent and one in The Times, both are posted on the Facebook pages below if you want to read them and missed them. 
“Jungr, whose supple voice is an immaculate instrument, and Simon Wallace pull together some spellbinding material.” The Times
www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/arts/ music/…/article3659328.ece


And its pretty much February, now, and that promises to be even more action packed as there’s radio in Manchester on Becky Want’s afternoon BBC show and BBC Radio 4’s A Good Read, where I put Jonathan Franzen’s The Corrections forward for scrutiny. That’s on 5th February in the afternoon. I’m filming an interview for a programme about singers for BBC4 TV and will let you know when that’s broadcast. Up to date news is always on the Facebook pages which are


Here are the February dates which see me in Stockport – home town – hope old friends can come – and Leeds – my first university town – London was the second – I lived in Leeds for 3 great years and saw some fabulous bands there and met some wonderful people.  New Forest is always grand and I’m doing my usual Vortex Valentine’s with Jenny Carr and of course the superb new St James Theatre with my great friend and collaborator Simon Wallace and on bass, Neville Malcolm.

13th, Weds, Joe’s Pub, New York, , The Public Theater, located at 425 Lafayette Street between East 4th and Astor Place in New York City’s East Village.  www.joespub.comMARCH

I shall be in Indianapolis, Toronto and New York at Joe’s Pub in March – dates are here – http://www.barbjungr.com under live dates – Joe’s Pub is on sale already here – 

I so hope to see you at one of these and my news letter Passport From Pimlico is always here – http://passport-from-pimlico.blogspot.co.uk

Namaste and Happy St Bride’s day/Imbolc!, Barb xxx

FEBRUARY5th, Tues, Kilsby, Village Hall, Rugby Road, Kilsby, Northamptonshire CV23 8XB with Simon Wallace6th, Weds, Leeds, City Varieties, Barb Jungr, Stockport to Memphis Trio, CITY VARIETIES MUSIC HALL, SWAN STREET, LEEDS LS1 6LW, BOX OFFICE 0113 243 0808 www.cityvarieties.co.uk8th, Fri, New Milton, Barb Jungr, Stockport To Memphis, Old Milton Road, New Milton, Hamps BH25 6DS, 01425 612 393,

9th, Sat, StockportBarb Jungr, Stockport To Memphis Trio, The Plaza, Mersey Square, Stockport, Box Office 0161 477 7779www.stockportplaza.co.uk14th, Thurs, LondonThe Vortex Jazz Bar, 11 Gillett Street, London N16, bookings 0207 254 4097, www.vortexjazz.co.uk, with Jenny Carr.15th, Fri, London, Valentine’s Night Jazz Special, St James Theatre, with Simon Wallace and Neville Malcolm, ST. JAMES THEATRE
12 Palace Street, London, SW1E 5JA, Box Office: 0844264 2140 www.stjamestheatre.co.uk

23rd, Sat, EpsomBarb Jungr and the Stockport To Memphis Trio, The Myers Studio, Epsom Playhouse, Ashley Avenue, Epsom, Surrey, KT18 5AL, Box Office: +44 (01372) 742555 / 742227, www.epsomplayhouse.co.uk

new youtube channel – www.youtube.com/user/barbjungrsings
Stockport to Memphis released on 22nd October Naim records video here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3OOXapYqqQ&feature=plcp

FACEBOOK PAGE http://www.facebook.com/OfficialBarbJungr?v=wall&ref=ts

management Nick Stewart and Associates, contact Bethany at 
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BARB Jungr continues to justify her reputation as one of the world’s most foremost interpreters of song with her latest album, Stockport to Memphis.

But she also shows herself to be an astute song-writer in her own right by including five of her own songs. The result is a really great listen, neatly combining new interpretations of classic tracks from the likes of Tom Waits, Joni Mitchell, Sam Cooke and Bob Dylan to those she has written with Simon Wallace.

The album begins with title track and new recording Stockport to Memphis, which has a classic Northern soul vibe, complete with some smouldering harmonica arrangements. It’s upbeat, toe-tapping fun instrumentally, yet indicative of the singer’s own journey lyrically.

For as a teenage girl in 1960s Stockport, Barb nurtured a longing for what Memphis represented – namely, the sweet soul music she danced to in clubs at night, and its sense of a bigger, more beautiful world than the northern industrial town she couldn’t wait to leave. The song is a fabulous way to make that point and a really personal tribute to her own success to boot.

Sam Cooke’s Change Is Gonna Come follows, stripped back with a subtle piano arrangement for accompaniment, and a blues-jazz style of delivery. It’s tremendously accomplished.

Her take on Joni Mitchell’s River, with all of its Christmas sentiments, is – admittedly – a bit of an odd choice but a meaningful song, moodily delivered with the right amount of regret and longing, but Old Man has a wonderfully reflective quality and washes over you serenely and thoughtfully (a sombre piano providing a hauntingly beautiful, even cinematic backdrop).

Elsewhere, New Life drops another jazz vibe, complete with subtle use of brass, on another of the Barb Jungr/Simon Wallace penned tracks, while there’s an extremely sensual take on Rod Argent’s She’s (He’s) Not There, which is effortlessly cool. It also brings one of the album’s most instantly recognizable moments.

Fisherman’s Blues is another bittersweet moment that’s stripped back, so as to allow Jungr’s stunning vocals to take centre-stage, and which is delivered with just the right amount of longing for escape, while Lay Lady Lay provides another of Jungr’s classic interpretations of a Bob Dylan standard.

A further highlight, meanwhile, comes in the sophisticated heartbreak songTill My Broken Heart Begins To Mend (another Jungr offering, co-written with Michael Parker), which once more thrives on a tick-tock percussion and some fabulous harmonica, complete with backing harmonies and a delicious central vocal.

Put together, Jungr has delivered another gem of an LP that provides an excellent combination of old and new, as well as definitive proof of why she is regarded as one of the world’s greatest vocalists.

Jack Foley, IndieLondon **** (four stars)

Download picks: Stockport to Memphis, Old Man, She’s (He’s) Not There, Lay Lady Lay, Till My Broken Heart Begins To Mend

Track listing:

  • Stockport to Memphis
  • Change is Gonna Come
  • River
  • Old Man
  • New Life
  • Urban Fox
  • She’s (He’s) Not There
  • Fisherman’s Blues
  • Lay Lady Lay
  • Sunset To Break Your Heart
  • Till My Broken Heart Begins To Mend
  • Lost On The River
  • Way Down in The Hole


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Bar Jungr Offic…

Bar Jungr Offical Fan Club Newsletter – The News from Pimlico Edition 4

Stockport to Memphis Special Edition!

You are reading the special extra edition of the News from Pimlico, the Stockport to Memphis issue.
If you’re a new subscriber, welcome! 
Yes, the wait is almost over…the release date for Stockport to Memphis is coming up on the 22nd of October. I know all the fans are waiting eagerly to listen to what looks to be Barb’s best album to date.
This newsletter will focus on all things Stockport to Memphis. Please spread the word to anyone that would appreciate the wonderful music Barb created with dedicated and talented team of people.
Barb launched Stockport to Memphis in style at the Hippodrome in London at the end of September and I’ve heard fantastic things from the lucky people who saw the show. She will be performing the show throughout the UK and beyond, and there’ll be information on that here, also.
The Ask Barb! Q & A column has expanded for this issue and is dedicated exclusively to the Stockport to Memphis related questions.
Big thanks to the guest contributors Janet Hasley and Bob McCluckie and Mac Castro for his assistance. 
We would like to make the News from Pimlico better – we welcome any ideas and suggestions for the future issues.
We also would love to hear from the fellow Barb fans – if you’d like to:

  • Talk about your favourite song/album/performance by Barb or write reviews – we especially invite you to send in reviews for Stockport to Memphis album and shows!
  • Share stories about how you discovered Barb’s music
  • Ask questions you’d like to ask Barb for the Q & A segment
  • Send in photos/YouTube clips from Barb’s live shows
  • Give feedback on the articles – which ones did you enjoy the most/would like to see more/less of 

Please email them all to barbjungrfanclub@gmail.com – thank you!
The full format will return in the 5th edition. See you all next time.
In this issue, we feature:

  • Barb’s message
  • Stockport to Memphis album – 20% special Fan Club member discount
  • Stockport to Memphis London launch photos
  • Barb’s revamped website 
  • Gig reports by Janet Halsey
  • Upcoming live dates
  • Ask Barb! – Stockport to Memphis Q&A section 
  • Fan’s corner – Bob McCluckie
  • Barb’s YouTube channel update


Message from Barb

I want to thank everyone who subscribes to this newsletter for their support and good wishes through recent times. I am embarking on a new phase of writing and recording and Stockport to Memphis is a really huge step for me. I’m beyond thrilled with the design of the work and Simon Wallace’s production, and am indebted to all the wonderful musicians who played on the album.

I’m performing around the country in coming months and with luck outside the country too – all details will go onto the website.
There is a new Facebook page for Stockport to Memphis – click here.
Dylan and I will continue to post interesting videos, links, photos and anything else there to do with this project and album. Please do ‘like’ it and come and comment. There is also a YouTube playlist of both videos I am making for the tracks and also live recordings of the new Stockport to Memphis R’n’B Band.

You can see these here, again, please share the videos and comment on them, it helps our reach and expands our pool of people.
I look forward to hearing from you and am filled with gratitude to Lena for beginning and sustaining this newsletter.
Namaste, Barb xxx

(Photo by Emily Dennison)

Photos from the Hippodrome

At the Hippodrome – Photo by Garry Laybourne

At the Hippodrome, Stockport to Memphis launch – Photo by Garry Laybourne

At the Hippodrome – Stockport to Memphis launch. Neville Malcolm on bass. Photo by Garry Laybourne

At the Hippodrome – With Ian Richardson and Rosalee after the show. Photo by Gerald Sharp Photography

Ask Barb! Q & A: Stockport to Memphis 

In each newsletter, Barb will answer a few questions from the fans.
This is an expanded edition with many questions on Stockport to Memphis. Enjoy!

The album charts your life to date. What kind of self-discovery have you made in that time?

It’s all in the album.
How long have you been wanting to record an album like Stockport to Memphis?

It came as an idea and we started working on it immediately.

On your new album, the song Till the Broken Heart Begins to Mend is from your Jungr and Parker days. How did the duo begin, and what was it like to write songs and perform with him?

I met Michael when we were both in The Three Courgettes.

He was a guitarist and singer. There is nothing he didn’t know about American music – country and western, blues and jazz, he was a mine of information. We worked together for 12 years.

Writing with Michael was always fun. He was a master of phrases – Till My Broken Heart begins with the line “think I’m going slowly round the bend” and that was a typical lyric – sweet and real and personal. I love Michael Parker. 
You and Michael Parker subsequently went on a tour to Africa, giving workshops. What do you remember the most about the trip?
There were so many. The first was to Sudan, and I subsequently wrote a massive piece about it for Folk Roots. Seeing the Nile was amazing. The birds, the position and shapes of the moon, the birdsong, everything was amazing in the real use of that word. We had our tiny minds blown apart. We met people there who are still friends of mine today. 

In Sudan, we visited not only Khartoum and Omdurman but drove for 8 hours and stayed in a city in the middle of the country – El Obeid. I saw mirages, and camels, and the song “Little Donkey” played constantly in my head.
Memphis has been the setting for so many great albums over the years.  Which one’s your favourite?

All the Sun recordings – the greatest singers and soul singers came through that city one way or another – its mind-blowing the effect it’s had on popular music, and particularly the musics I love. 

Which songs took the quickest and the longest time to record on this album?

It doesn’t really work that way. Some arrangements take longer, and some things you refine more. But they’re all subjected to the same level of scrutiny.
What would the Barb of today say to her younger self in Stockport?

You’ve no idea where the road is going to take you. Fasten your seat belt, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.


*There will be more Stockport to Memphis Q&A in the future issues. 

(Photo by Emily Dennison)

Send your questions to barbjungrfanclub@gmail.com and we’ll forward them on to Barb 🙂

The Gig Report: The Stables Wavendon

 September 15, 2012
By Janet Halsey

The Stables is situated in the grounds of the home of John Dankworth and Cleo Laine, who had a vision of developing the existing Stables situated in some outbuildings at their home to a purpose built auditorium that could be used not only for jazz but as a venue for a range of concerts, entertainment and educational activities.
We arrived early at the venue in order to dine at their restaurant before the performance. Barb and her accompanist Jenny Carr were sitting outside enjoying the view and we were able to talk to them before eating.
The programme was one of the last of Barb’s Bob Dylan concerts before the start of her Stockport to Memphis launch.We have heard the programme many times over the year but it never stops to amaze us that it is always somehow different.
Barb’s love of Dylan’s songs shone through. There were problems with the sound system throughout the first set but Barb rose above it and did not let the problems spoil people’s enjoyment.
The difficulties were overcome during the break and the sound system was perfect for the second half of the programme.
The audience were very appreciative of Barb and Jenny’s performance. Many of the audience were seeing them for the first time and there was much discussion afterwards about how much they had enjoyed the evening. This was also evident by the number of people who bought the CDs and were delighted when Barb signed them at the end of the evening.


People queueing up to get their CDs signed after the show.

Barb signing her CDs.

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Stockport to Memphis – the countdown begins!

Barb’s much anticipated new album, Stockport to Memphis is due to be released on Naim Jazz (naimcd179) on 22nd October.
Click here to get all the information on the album on Barb’s website.

She launched Stockport and Memphis at the Hippodrome and word has it that she was spectacular, but would you expect anything less?! Here is the review of the show by Paul Vale of The Stage.

‘Like’ Stockport to Memphis page on Facebook and keep up to date on the latest news.

Special 20% discount for the Fan Club members

The Fan Club member will receive 20% off when they purchase Stockport to Memphis!!

Please follow these steps when placing the order to claim your discount.
To use the code, you must first have an account with Naim Label.

  1. Click here to register to create an account or sign in.
  2. Click here and go to the Stockport to Memphis page to place the order.
  3. Click on the “Buy Now” button, available at the top right of the page.
  4. At the bottom of this page, enter the discount code SPTMPO1201in the ‘Promotion Code’ box.
  5. Click the ‘Add’ button (important!) then you should see a price reduction of 20%.
  6. From there, simply follow the payment instructions to complete your order.

YouTube Channel Update

Have you had a look around on Barb’s YouTube Channel yet?
It features playlists of all her repertoire works – Dylan, Cohen, Joni Mitchell, Springsteen, blues, R’n’B, jazz, soul, cabaret, live shows, animations, original work, original videos, interviews, TV appearances and more.
The live performances are from her tours in the UK, USA, Australia and other countries.
In the last few weeks, clips of her Stockport to Memphis launch at the Hippodrome as well as the brilliant video of the title track of her new album have been uploaded.
Click here to watch the latest clips!

Videos of her performance at the Ed Fringe have also been uploaded last month.
It’s constantly being updated with new clips of her songs and shows. 
Subscribe to her channel and you’ll never miss the new uploads. 
Click here to visit the channel.

Barb’s official website revamped

Barb’s official website has been Stockport to Memphisified! 
It’s a one-stop-shop for all Barb Jungr related matters. You can get all the info, including all her albums, news, live dates, links, her past/present/future projects and much more.
Take a moment to browse the new-look website and see what’s happening at the Barb Jungr headquarters.

Fan’s Corner – Bob McCluckie

By Bob McCluckie
Manchester, UK

I first discovered Barb’s live music a few years ago when she did a gig at the Royal Northern College of Music. I was aware of some of her songs from her move to the audiophile hifi company Naim’s music label.  
I took my wife along and what a performance! My wife left raving about what she had heard. Subsequently we caught up with her in the intimate confines of the Cinammon Club in Bowden. This night was even better. Barb close enough to touch was in fine form with her singing immaculate as always but also with her chat and the pianist was brilliant too! Unfortunately her visits back home “oop North” aren’t frequent enough and invariably clash with other things in our schedules.
We will however be reacquainting ourselves with our favourite Stockport chanteuse as soon as possible!

Live Dates: October – November

Lots of great shows coming up as Barb takes Stockport to Memphis and other shows around the UK. Say hello to her, get your CDs signed and take a photo with her after the show!

11th Thurs, Portsmouth, Guildhall – Stockport to Memphis

Guildhall Square, Portsmouth Guildhall, Guildhall Square, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO1 2AB
Click here for more info and bookings.
13th Sat, Marsden – Barb Jungr sings Bob Dylan
Marsden Jazz Festival @The Mechanics Hall. Peel Street, Marsden, Huddersfield, HD7 6BW
Click here for more info and bookings.
17th Wed, Canterbury – Stockport to Memphis, with Simon Wallace on piano 
Canterbury Festival @ The Festival Club St Alphege’s, St. Alphege Lane, Canterbury CT1 2EB
Click here for more info and tickets.

19th Fri, Newton Tony
@ Newton Tony Memorial Hall, Newton Tony, Wiltshire, SP4 0HF
Tickets on door or via Joanna atdewfall@talktalk.net

20th Sat, Brinkworth 
@ Brinkworth Village Hall, The Street, Wiltshire, SN15 5AE
Tickets enquiries Yvonne atvon.chamberlain@btinternet.com

21st Sun, London – Barb Jungr -The Battle of Ideas round table discussiion guest speaker “No Future: Has pop lost its radical edge?” 
The Battle of Ideas @ The BarbicanSilk Street London EC2Y 8DS
Click here for more info and bookings.


2nd Fri, Brookthorpe
Brookthorp Village Hall, Gloucestershire
3rd, Sat, Box
Box Village Hall, Gloucestershire

9th Fri, Barton on Humber – Stockport to Memphis with Simon Wallace on piano
The Ropery Hall, Maltkiln Road, Barton upon Humber, North Lincolnshire DN18 5JT
Click here for more info and bookings.

10th Sat, Corby – Deep Roots, Tall Trees: A Corby Song Cycle with Jenny Carr on Piano 
Barb Jungr celebrates Core’s 2nd Birthday with a brand new song cycle inspired by the people and stories of Corby.
@ The Core at the Corby Cube,Parkland Gateway, George Street, Corby, NN17 1QG 
Bookings 01536 470470
16th, Fri: Shoreham – A Celebration of Brel with guests
Ropetackle Arts Centre, Little High Street, Shoreham-by-Sea, BN43 5EG
Click here for more info and bookings.
17th, Sat: Hemel Hempstead –Stockport to Memphis
The Old Town Hall Arts Centre, High Street Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, HP13AE

Click here for info and bookings.

23rd, Fri: South Brent
@South Brent Primary School, Totnes Road South Brent, Devon TQ10 9JN

24th Sat: Northleigh
@ Northleigh Village Hall, South Devon EX24 6BJ 

26th Mon and 27th, Tues: London –Barb Jungr, Stockport to Memphis with Simon Wallace and Jenny Carr on piano and keyboards
Pizza Express Jazz Club Soho,10 Dean Street, Soho, London, W1V 5RL
For the 26th’s tickets and info, click here. For the 27th’s tickets and info, click here.

29th Thurs and 30th Fri: Liverpool, –Barb Jungr, Stockport to Memphis
Liverpool Philharmonic Hall  Rodewald Suite, Hope Street  L1 9BP
Click here for more info and bookings.

For live dates beyond November,click here.

(Photo by Emily Dennison)

Gig Report: Vortex Jazz Club, London

June 23, 2012
By Janet Halsey 
Having missed Barb’s Songs of Summer show at the Pump house in Aldeburgh, My husband and I caught up with them in June at The Vortex Jazz Club, which is run entirely by volunteers. Barb was accompanied by Jenny Carr on piano.
In way of introduction Barb quickly expelled any thoughts of a happy programme saying, “If you think that you have come here to listen to happy songs – well you’re not.”
The evening comprised of some ‘happy songs’ e.g. “Beautiful Life”, “Feeling Good”, “I’m a Believer”, songs of utter desolation and depression, e.g. “Lilac Wine”, “Ode to Billy Joe”, “Rainy Day” as well as songs of Bob Dylan e.g. “If Not For You”, “I’ll be Your Baby Tonight”. The programme finished with the hope for a brighter future with George Harrison’s “Here Comes the Sun”. The programme consisted of a cross section of songs from a range of Barb’s CDs.
Outside, the rain was teeming down, but inside was a warm atmosphere, with an attentive audience that hung on every word of the introductions and songs. The evening ended with loud applause and calls for more.
We left the Vortex, stepping out into the torrential rain, which could not dampen our spirits. We were filled with warmth and elation while waiting for our taxi in the rain.

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Way Down In The Hole – by Tom Waits performedBarb Jungr and the Stockport to Memphis R&B Band –

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Barb Jungr in Conversation with Nick Hasted, A Life-Journey


Barb Jungr has never been to Memphis. But as a teenage girl in 1960s Stockport, she nurtured a longing for what it represented; the sweet soul music she danced to in clubs at night, and its sense of a bigger, more beautiful world than the Lancashire industrial town she couldn’t wait to leave.

The journey Jungr subsequently went on was unpredictable and often dangerous, taking her from punk London to a besieged Sudanese island, and post-9/11 New York. All the while she was refining her art as an interpretative singer over numerous collaborations and 10 solo albums, taking on French chanson, and the songs of the greatest post-war singers – Elvis Presley, Nina Simone – and writers: especially Dylan, whose work she inhabited as fully as anyone except Dylan himself, on two acclaimed albums and transatlantic sell-out shows. Barb Jungr has travelled very far from Stockport. And now she’s back.

Stockport to Memphis’s title song, one of five written by Jungr in a new solo departure, mirrors the thrilling sound of the soul and pop she grew up with. Its lyrics trace a life’s arc from an escaping young woman needing “to find my way to the door”, to the mature realisation that “I’ve got everything I need deep inside”. “I’ve never celebrated Stockport,” Jungr says. “I always talked about how I was born in Rochdale. But when my dad died, I went back to help look after my mum, and home became a very real thing. It’s the clear earth that you stand on. Stockport’s in a terrible state now, there’s no work, and it needs celebrating. And it was where I discovered Sam Cooke, and Otis Redding’s “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay”, this exciting and vibrant and personal music. My Memphis is in my heart and ears and soul.”

The album’s sound reflects that Memphis. “We recorded with almost everything live,” Jungr remembers, “with a rhythm section who know what rhythm is. Like the Tamla Motown, Stax and Chess records that I love, the rhythm’s the cornerstone: it determines the arrangement and the way you sing.”

“New Life”’s jazzy ballad of rebirth maps Jungr’s early 1970s escape route, taking the bus from Stockport to Manchester, Leeds University, then London. It also reflects the harsher odyssey of her parents, Czech-born Miroslav and German Ingrid, whose playing of jazz at home was as formative as the soul she danced to at night. “My grandparents walked across the frozen wastes,” she says of her family. “All four grandparents grew up in war zones, as did my parents. My father was in the German camps. I wrote “New Life” about the experiences of my parents, and my father-in-law Frank Bowling the painter, who came from Guyana as a boy. He said to me, ‘When I saw the white cliffs of Dover I cried, because I’d been told that England was home.’ And my dad remembered being on the ferry when they came over from the refugee camps, and dawn rising on the cliffs. I’m not sure my parents felt as hopeful as Frank. Their experiences were so grim, it took a long time for my dad to feel hopeful about the human race. But the imagery of the white cliffs is the core of the song. Mark Armstrong plays beautiful muted, Beale Street trumpet on it.”

Jungr had played in bands with friends in Stockport, Manchester and Leeds. Arriving in London in 1976, as punk exploded, remade her. “My boyfriend said, ‘I don’t understand why you don’t become a singer.’ It was like somebody opening a door.” She saw every band she could. One had as a member composer Paul Sand, son-in-law of playwright Pam Gems, beginning Jungr’s simultaneous connection to musical and theatrical worlds she’s never seen as separate.

“I moved into a flat in Earl’s Court, which was possibly my undoing,” she recalls. “We paid rent, but it might as well have been a squat. It was a hell-hole. You never knew who was living there – there’d be some mad woman who someone had picked up wearing somebody else’s clothes, they’d gone through your drawers. There’s no rhyme or reason to any of the things I did then. My heart was like a runaway puppy. I went wherever it went, in every single way. When I did my Nina Simone album, and did “When I Was A Young Girl”, where she sings about going “out of the ale house and into the jail house”, someone said, ‘Oh no, you can’t do that if you haven’t lived it.’ And I thought, ‘You shouldn’t assume people haven’t lived things because they don’t trumpet them.’ It was edgy then. And a lot of people fell off the edge.”

Did Jungr fall herself?

“I’ve always hung on with one hand. But you’re in places quite often where you’re not in control of where the edge is. And I was really lucky – hitchhiking home at night for example, and finding yourself in situations where you realise you’re in danger and are going, ‘I have a set of choices here, and if I say the right things I’ll be alright.’ But saying the wrong things would be just as easy.”

The 1980s’ start brought further change. “The New Wave had spilled into everything else, and alternative cabaret was starting.” As part of the trio The Three Courgettes, Jungr deepened her vocal education, spending six hours at a stretch unpicking and adapting the gospel harmonies of the Fairfield Four and Blind Boys of Alabama, when not busking down the Portobello Road with John Hegley. “We signed with Island, toured with Kid Creole, and had a hilarious time.”

Jungr and Parker, her musical partnership with Michael Parker, was next. “Michael was like a one-man professor,” she says. “I never met anybody who knew more about country & western, blues and old soul. Our writing sessions were from 10.30am to 5pm, and most of that time we’d just be listening to music. We wrote most of our own songs, and the music we made was bits of country, blues, English and traditional folk ballads. I played mandolin and harmonica. We made six records, Billy Bragg put one out on his label. We supported Alexei Sayle and worked on the alternative cabaret circuit, which was my school – walking into a space like the Tunnel in New Cross, where the audience was ready to eat you alive. I’ve used an old Jungr and Parker song, “Till My Broken Heart Begins To Mend”, on this album, because it’s part of the journey.”

In 1991, the British Council asked the pair to go to Sudan: Jungr’s next transforming trip. “It was mind-blowing,” she says. “I still don’t know if I’ve processed it. We did some workshops there which were heartbreaking. This girl came over to me, and she had learned “Careless Whisper” from the radio and sang it perfectly, and she said, ‘I don’t wear the veil.’ She’d been stoned in the street, and her mother, who told her you don’t have to wear the veil, had been in jail. And you go, the world is a very big place. And those edges are everywhere.”

With the country on the cusp of civil war, Jungr and Parker “ran away” from their minders to an island occupied by South Sudanese rebels. “The bougainvillea’s hanging, the Nile’s flowing past your window, and you’re inside with a bunch of people who’d walked 100 miles for freedom.” Then they went still further out. “In Cameroon, we took a three-week tour into the bush. We knew there was a whole different world the minute you left the street-lights.” Finally came Malawi, and “another level of poverty, because most of it’s baked earth, and life is so hard.” Everywhere music was played, exchanged, absorbed.

Does she feel hopeful, after all that she’s seen?“

It would depend on what day you asked me. People are capable of so much – good and otherwise – and I fear for our souls, and the darkness inside, that gets fed a lot these days.”

Jungr and Parker eventually split in 1994. “So I did a Masters, two years of hardcore thinking about music – why Malawian music’s so interesting, and what blues singers do when they’re singing the blues.”

Deeply schooled now in life and music, Jungr finally started her solo career. “I began doing these themed records and shows, and some of it was spot on and some of it wasn’t. My instinct hadn’t quite honed itself. But in 1998 I put out Bare, just vocal and piano recorded live, like an old jazz record, which some people still think is one of the best things I’ve done.”

Other landmark recordings followed, including The Men I Love: The New American Songbook (2010). Tackling singer-songwriters such as Bruce Springsteen and David Byrne, the title rejected the notion that a songbook fit for vocal interpretation closed with Cole Porter. “It was a deliberately challenging, provocative title,” she says. “Because I’m a jazz singer, which is about improvising with words and melody and form. Just because songwriters of the last 60 years have sung their own songs, doesn’t mean I can’t own that material too.”

Dylan has been her touchstone in this, the best of her interpretations so far collected on Man In The Long Black Coat: Barb Jungr Sings Bob Dylan (2011). “He has stunning imagery, political awareness, and in the later songs, an awareness of the past and ageing, of looking back over things that you’ve loved and lost which is heart-tearing. I think it’s given to very few and very hard to live with, people whose gaze on the world is unflinching. I can’t look at the carrion of humanity with ease. I can’t write like that. I can sing it.”

On Stockport to Memphis, she sings Dylan’s “Lay Lady Lady”, which she used to hate. The way she found her place in it demonstrates her art. “I was walking and I had it playing, and I suddenly realised that it was possible to sing it, and lift it from what I had always thought was a slightly grim, macho view of sexuality. I thought, ‘You can reframe this as a memory of someone saying, ‘Lay lady lay…’, a conversation in your head that your lover had with you, that you repeat in your head and think about.”

Dylan’s music took her to New York, where she began singing her show of his songs in 2002. “I was playing four blocks south of where the Twin Towers had been, and the show on before me was the firemen’s verbatim story. People were leaving in tears as I set up and no one wanted to go to that part of town. I didn’t think anyone would be there, but I got an award for that run. And because I don’t have kids and don’t have to worry about who pays for their food, as long as I could have a great time and sing, it didn’t matter. Then four years ago, I crossed into having an audience in America. I found myself playing on Sunset Boulevard, and New York Town Hall, where Paul Robeson had been. So who cares, you know?”

As well as Dylan, Jungr’s interpretations on Stockport To Memphis include Neil Young’s “Old Man”, Hank Williams’ “Lost On The River”, Mike Scott’s “Fisherman’s Blues”, Tom Waits’ “Down In The Hole”, and Rod Argent’s Zombies hit “She’s Not There”, gender-switched and minus harmonies. And then there’s Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come”.

On a long and rich journey with so many unplanned stops, it takes her back to the clubs in Stockport where she started and, dreaming of Memphis, couldn’t wait to leave.

“Yeah. And from a place of great love. Coming home is an important part of your journey.”


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So the new CD -…


So the new CD – Stockport to Memphis – is finished, and about to hit the streets – official release date is 22nd October but its already available for pre ordering from Amazon, which is scary and brilliant. Meanwhile my friend is on Celebrity Big Brother, and doing marvellously – as I expected he would – so that’s lovely. And the gigs start kind of now. I had such a lazy summer, even though the weather wasn’t great, I managed to lie for 4 separate half hours in the garden and get the makings of a tan, and did yoga with Norman Blaire and Amanda Denton and ran in the gym, and followed stage 2 of Zoe Harcombe in league with my NY Scouse mate Jane Buchanan, drank wine and went to the cinema and saw Arsenal’s first match of the season with Ernest and the semi finals of the women’s basketball – also with Ernest, and ate pasta at Sugo and saw Erika and Kasia there….and walked the Dorset coastal path and all the way around Portland Bill. Should have done more writing, but that’s happening now, so its been summer….and lovely. Autumn crowding in, with Corby hotting up, we’ve been doing the writing workshops all through the summer and now the concert there is becoming a reality and the CD plans and sleeve design and photographs – went to Stockport Plaza with Emily Dennison and Ailsa for those….and Edinburgh at the Festival was wonderful even though it was a whistle stop and Habie Schwarz took some fabulous photos there and Billy Watson shot some video footage thats now up on youtube…its all been go. And I managed to visit Wendy Lee and eat cheesecake. Good films through the summer – The Imposter, the Sixto Rogriguez documentary, and the new Brit Marling film – we loved Another World, JP and I, and we weren’t disappointed with The Sound of My Voice, either. Saw London Road – again – worth every second – and Yes Minister – because my mum really wanted to see it…good books, well, I discovered Jonathan Franzen andcouldn’t put down Freedom and then started on The Corrections straight away…saw Richard Rodney Bennet and Claire Martin (with whom I had a fab day in Brighton) at Ronnie Scott’s give their superb performance which was a masterclass in the Great American Songbook….met Don Black at the Proms Literary recording on which we were both guests, and then Ernest and I saw the Broadway Proms which was fun…did a wonderful workshop with Peter Glanville on our new piece for the Little Angel which will open next year….and did I say the new CD is out soon…..with the London launch at The Hippodrome from 24th September, and the out of London first show at Greenham on this friday.

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Stockport to Me…


Stockport to Memphis Teaser Edition!

Welcome to the third edition of the Official Barb Jungr Fan Club bi-monthly newsletter!

Stockport to Memphis Press Release

Stockport To Memphis is the superb new album from Barb Jungr, one of the world’s foremost interpreters of song. Variously described by critics as magnificent, mesmerising and magical, Barb Jungr has built a formidable reputation as an international live performer and recording artiste. She has perfected the art of interpretation to such a level that listeners are often astonished to discover that well-known songs that they thought they knew have been wonderfully transformed and very often elevated when Barb weaves her magic spell.

Her repertoire includes songs by Jacques Brel, Nina Simone, Jimmy Webb, Leonard Cohen and Bruce Springsteen amongst many others and she has attracted particular acclaim for her work on the songs of Bob Dylan, which produced two critically-acclaimed albums and a series of sell-out, award-winning transatlantic shows. For four consecutive years (2008 through to 2011) Barb has ranked at the top of Time Out, New York’s best cabaret awards for her shows and in 2008, she also received the Nightlife Award for Outstanding Cabaret Vocalist.
“Except for Dylan himself on a good night, this is the best way to hear his songs.”4-stars (The Independent, 5.8.11)

Stockport To Memphis marks a significant new direction for Barb as she has included five of her own songs in the collection, which also features her new arrangements of songs by Sam Cooke, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Rod Argent, Mike Scott, Hank Williams, Tom Waits and, of course, Bob Dylan.

Barb Jungr has never been to Memphis. But as a teenage girl in 1960s Stockport, she nurtured a longing for what it represented; the sweet soul music she danced to in clubs at night, and its sense of a bigger, more beautiful world than the northern industrial town she couldn’t wait to leave (as embodied by the title-track and stunning album opener). The album charts a metaphorical journey, not just Barb’s own route through life and self-discovery but that of others, including her own parents’ escape to the UK from war-torn Europe and her father-in-law, the painter Frank Bowling, who came to the UK from Guyana as a young man.

Barb’s flight from Stockport eventually took her to punk London in 1976, where she began to nurture her career as a singer, going on to form The Three Courgettes in the 1980s, signing to Island Records, touring with Kid Creole and performing alongside Julian Clary, who regularly turns up to Barb’s live shows to this day. Jungr and Parker, her musical partnership with Michael Parker followed. They recorded six albums, including one for Utility Records, the label spearheaded by Billy Bragg and toured extensively, supporting Alexei Sayle along the way. In 1991, at the behest of the British Council, they travelled to Sudan to give a series of workshops – it was a “mind-blowing” trip, which saw them fleeing from a country on the cusp of civil war and on to Cameroon, Tanzania, The Yemen, Sri Lanka and Malawi.

When Jungr and Parker eventually split, Barb embarked on her solo career in earnest.

More recently, Barb has been riding high on the success generated by a series of landmark album releases, including 2010’s acclaimed The Men I Love: The New American Songbook, which included her take on the work of a broad range of American songwriters, from Todd Rundgren to David Byrne and Jimmy Webb to Bruce Springsteen, challenging the notion that a songbook fit for vocal interpretation closed at Cole Porter. All of Barb’s albums have a strong theme, whether she’s presenting what she refers to as “the New American Songbook” on The Men I Love or offering up her take on Simone or Dylan with the albums, Just Like A Woman: Hymn To Nina and Man In The Long Black Coat: Barb Jungr Sings Bob Dylan, respectively. She has been enjoying a series of sell-out runs at home and in the U.S.A., where critics and audiences alike have welcomed the songstress from the north of England into their hearts, relishing her stunning live performances, which hold audiences spellbound. Slick and entertaining to the last she balances her dramatic style of delivery with an innate sense of humour and comic timing. To turn down an invitation to see Barb Jungr perform live is to miss out on a revelatory and uplifting experience.

“Empathy is her game and few singers in any genre extend themselves more
deeply into the lives of others.” (The NY Times)

Bob Dylan, jazz, northern soul, Nina Simone and continental Europe’s cabaret music perform a subtle dance in Jungr’s consciousness” (The Guardian)

Barb has a busy schedule of live dates lined up right through to next year, including four special concerts to launch Stockport To Memphis at London’s Hippodrome on 24th, 26th, 28th and 29th September. News regarding the release of a single from the album will be announced shortly.

Stockport To Memphis Tracklisting

1. Stockport To Memphis – Barb Jungr + Simon Wallace
2. A Change Is Gonna Come – Sam Cooke
3. River – Joni Mitchell
4. Old Man – Neil Young
5. New Life – Barb Jungr + Simon Wallace
6. Urban Fox – Barb Jungr + Simon Wallace
7. (S) He’s No There – Rod Argent
8. Fisherman’s Blues – Mike Scott
9. Lay Lady Lay – Bob Dylan
10.Sunset To Break Your Heart – Barb Jungr + Simon Wallace
11.Till My Broken Heart Begins To Mend – Barb Jungr + Michael Parker
12.Lost On The River – Hank Williams
13.Way Down In The Hole – Tom Waits


Stockport to Memphis Interview

Barb has given an interview on her new album to Inside Cabaret to talk about making of Stockport to Memphis, her affinity for rivers, and the people she’d like to get stuck in the lift with.
Click here to read the article:


Stockport To Memphis is released on Naim Jazz (naimcd179) on 22nd October.

Stockport to Memphis London launch at the Hippodrome

Barb will be launching her new collection, Stockport To Memphis, which documents her musical journey from the northwest, through her love of soul music, in original songs and arrangements of her highly acclaimed styling of the New American Songbook (which she has pioneered). The cult singer is accompanied by a full band including long time collaborators Simon Wallace and Jenny Carr.

Stockport to Memphis London Launch
Date: Sept 24,26, 28, 29
Venue: The Hippodrome Cranbourn Street, Leicester Square, WC2H 7JH
Tel: 020 7769 8866


For live dates for the rest of September and beyond, click here.

The News from Pimlico is where we celebrate Barb’s music, read all about her latest news as well as stories and reports from her fans around the globe.

By subscribing to this newsletter, you’ve become Barb’s Official Fan Club member. Welcome!

The newsletter will give you access to exclusive content, special Fan Club member benefits, including discounted merchandise, advance ticket sales and advance download of new albums.

We hope this will become a place where Barb and her many fans, old and new, can feel a real sense of community – after all, we share love and passion for great music!
The fan base through this newsletter is growing steadily and in this issue, we have lots of news on Barb’s brilliant brand new album, Stockport to Memphis.
The members get the first look at the press release and an interview.

* There will be a special Stockport and Memphis edition of the newsletter in early October with CD pre-order info and member special benefits. Stay tuned!

Many thanks as always to the guest contributors Janet Hasley, Angela Travis, Mac Castro, and Bernard for sharing your stories with us!

We would like to make the News from Pimlico better – we welcome any ideas and suggestions for the future issues.

We also would love to hear from the fellow Barb fans – if you’d like to:
Share stories about how you discovered Barb’s music
Talk about your favourite song/album/performance by Barb or write reviews
Ask questions you’d like to ask Barb for the Q & A segment
Send in photos/YouTube clips from Barb’s live shows you’ve been to
Give feedback on the articles – which ones did you enjoy the most/would like to see more/less of
Please email them all to barbjungrfanclub@gmail.com – thank you!

See you all next time.

In this issue, we feature:
Barb’s message
Stockport to Memphis press release and interview
Stockport to Memphis London launch at the Hippodrome
Photos from Barb’s Edinburgh Fringe and 606 Club shows
Gig report by Janet Halsey
Chanson Encore DVD review by Mac Castro
Ask Barb! – Q&A section
Fan’s corner – Bernard from Basildon and Angela Travis
Hello from the editor

Message From Barb

It has been an extraordinary summer one way and another and I don’t mean just because of the weather.
The main focus for the whole of May through to mid July was the finishing and mastering of the new album, and my growing interactions with my new management company, Nick Stewart and Associates. Nick heads a big music business company and has an extraordinary track record in the main music business, so he is a huge step for me with my little cottage industry Miss Marple approach to life!

And the other wonderful things have been my continuing work in Corby with the musicians there, which is just a blessing. The talent and commitment, the kindness and support I find in Mark, Nick, Paul, Spike and Ian blows me away. Plus – following my record of two of my actors in the Little Angel production of The Fabulous Flutterbys falling in love, one of my musicians in Corby is now going out with one of the singers who came and sat in – I may have a growing career blossoming as a marriage broker – think Barbra Streisand in that film with Walter Matthau… Speaking of Barbra Streisand, I misspelled my own name on my ticket booking to Washington DC – giving myself the Barbra spelling, which I have always sniffed at – mine being correct!

I’ve also started working on the next piece we’ll do for The Little Angel, with director Pete Glanville. We’ll be open and running in May of next year, through the whole year it seems. The piece is for tiny children and is a puppetry adaptation musical (that’s my bit) of We’re Going On A Bear Hunt – the wonderful illustrated book with the author Michael Rosen’s blessing. So we’re cock-a-hoop about that!

The album photos have been done in part – Emily Dennison took the lovely ones in the Plaza Hotel cafe in Stockport. There are some gorgeous new live shots too by Habie Schwartz.

Now its’ all writing and preparation, as touring begins in the autumn and then will develop into a major tour in spring 2013. Exciting times. More on the new album next time we speak. Till then, I hope to see you in September if you are around London, at The Hippodrome, where I’ll appear with the full band on the Stockport to Memphis launch. The preview show with Jenny and Simon at New Greenham Arts will be in early September.

And I must just mention the Edinburgh Festival, because the gig there this year was just wonderful – there was magic in the air.

Love and namaste,
barb xxx

Hello from the editor

First of all, thank you for subscribing to the Official Barb Jungr Fan Club newsletter.

I thought it’s about time I introduced myself and share my story with the readers.

I’m based in Adelaide, Australia and a big fan of live music – cabaret and musical theatre in particular.

I saw Barb live for the first time in 2006 when she came to Australia to perform at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival. She brought her two acclaimed shows, Every Grain of Sand and Waterloo Sunset.

Seeing Barb live blew me away. I was utterly transfixed. Various emotions washed over me, as she sang about love, pain, sorrow, joy and every feeling in between. Her extraordinary ability to tell stories through songs and transform them was stunning. Her voice touched me so deeply. The way she freely and generously shared her own emotions with her audience was both powerful and tender.

In between the songs, she had me in stitches with her hilarious patter that she is renowned for, and her reinterpreting skills left me in awe. “Sara,” “I Want You,” and “Every Grain of Sand”…every song took on a whole new dimension. Her vocals spoke to my heart. It was a breathtaking moment, and there’s been many more since.

In an email I wrote to a friend about Barb’s performance after seeing her for the first time, I simply said, “WOW….just wow.”

I’ve been fortunate enough to see her again when she returned to Australia the following year when her CD No Regrets was released from ABC and in 2009, when she toured The Men I Love: The New American Songbook show.

Each time, my love for her music and craft grew, and I’ve been desperately waiting for her to return to Australia – there are quite a few of us here that are suffering from severe Barb Jungr withdrawal symptoms here in the land of Downunder!

People say never meet your heroes because it often ends in disappointment. Thankfully, such was NOT the case with Barb, and I’ve come to respect and appreciate her warmth, kindness, intellect, insight, passion for life, keen sense for social justice, delightful sense of humour, positive energy, hard work and sheer talent.

There have been some tough times in my life, but Barb’s music and words have always lifted me up and got me through.

Being able to produce this newsletter is a huge honour. It’s also a great pleasure working with Barb and other fans on it.

I look forward to bringing exciting news about Barb for months to come.

Lena Nobuhara
Adelaide, Australia

Fan’s Corner – Bernard from Basildon
By Bernard, Basildon, UK

I first met Ms Jungr in the early 80’s – we were both very young! I ran a dive cellar jazz night and Ms Jungr was a regular special guest.

Barb is always special – day or night – rich or poor. She enjoys the audience banter as much as we do and she has some wonderful stories to tell – about the audience in the early days, with one man and a dog – a true story.

I had the pleasure of working with her over many years and she has grown and improved with age – like a good red wine – I know she likes a drop!
To see her fill the festival hall and sing with a full orchestra was a highlight, as well as the Vortex for intimacy and the Pizza Express for posh nosh and groovy sounds.

Finally, she IS spellbinding, always gives 100 per cent and sings with all her heart and soul. As an audience, we see it and thank her for it.

Barb do you remember me? Bernard from Basildon – £40 a spot and free food and drink!

Keep it joyous,
x Bernard x

Ask Barb! Q & A
In each newsletter, Barb will answer a few questions from the fans.
She answers a few more this month.

Q: What current affairs topics are you interested in right now?

A: The environment. I am becoming increasingly involved with the anti-tracking debate – I am against tracking for all the apparent reasons. I’m also interested to see a resurgence of the Occupy movement, which I hope will be better focussed and draw attention to our need as a society to change from positions of acquisition and greed to those of sharing and caring. I’m considering joining a political party, to be able to make a greater contribution to the debate.

Q: Do you believe in extraterrestrial life?

I don’t believe in it. But I imagine there is more to the universe than we know. I expect life to be out there – but the form it takes may be very different to anything we can imagine.

As a young woman I was an avid sci-fi reader, and remain a great fan of both Alfred Bester and Philip K Dick.

Send your questions to barbjungrfanclub@gmail.com and we’ll forward them on to Barb 🙂

Gig Report: The Pump House Aldeburgh Festival
June 9, 2012
By Janet Hasley

My husband and I were spending a week in Norfolk at the beginning of June.
This coincided with Barb appearing at the Pump house in Suffolk as part of the Aldeburgh Festival.

The pump house was built in the 1860s and was donated by Simon Steer after he had renovated the building in 1993. It was a former building for the Aldeburgh Festival and was reopened in 2011 by ‘Aldeburgh Music’ as part of a renovation project, preserving the Victorian brick structure.

The Pump house is a small intimate venue, which seats about 80 people. It looks across reed beds and the North Sea.

We decided to have a leisurely meal before the performance at the Brudenell Hotel situated by the beach. There was great hilarity when Barb walked in shortly after Jenny. Unaware that we were going to be at the performance, she did not see us sitting by the window in spite of Jenny pointing to us!

Barb gave two performances: – Songs of Bob Dylan and Summer Songs. Unfortunately we were only able to stay to the Bob Dylan programme, as we had to find our way back to Norfolk along dark windy roads.

Barb’s passion for Dylan was evident from the start, in her opening song “Tangled Up in Blue” and throughout the entire repertoire.

Although, we have heard Barb sing these songs, they are so very different each time, never the same. There were her usual themes of lost love, and the pain of experience with humour, distain and thoughts for philosophical discussion. Barb dissected the difference between male and female psyche through the song “Things have Changed” stating that Dylan does not have a conversation with his female side asking “How can any woman relate to the notion of ‘Feel like falling in love with the first woman I meet. Putting her into a wheelbarrow and wheeling her down the street?”

Barb’s sublime rendition of “Sara” reached everyone’s emotions. There was silence throughout (surely Bob Dylan’s greatest love song).

Barb also brought a sense of humour in between her songs, interpreting the messages in the lyrics of each song.

Attending this performance was the highlight of the week for us. Although we were unable to stay for Barb’s Summer Songs progrmme, we were able to see her perform it at the Vortex in London.

Would you like to subscribe to the News from Pimlico?

Click here to fill in the form and become a part of this fan club!



Chanson Encore DVD Review
Barb Jungr – ‘Chanson Encore’…and more
By Mac Castro

Well, I’m a relatively new Barb Jungr fan. In fact, the first time I saw her live was earlier this year at Pizza Express in Soho. From the moment she launched into ‘Once in a Lifetime’, I was hooked. I honestly felt as if I didn’t breathe throughout her entire performance – it was magical, moving, funny. Breathtaking.

Immediately after the show I started collecting every piece of recorded material I could get my hands on. And tried not to think about all those magical evenings I’ve missed over the years. Those live moments you can’t recapture, but live on in your memory and your heart. So, imagine how thrilled I was to discover the ‘Chanson Encore’ DVD thanks to the fan club.

It’s a must have purchase for anyone that adores Barb and a perfect introduction for those out there not yet lucky to have encountered her. It captures a wonderfully intimate performance at the Greenham Arts Centre. The team behind the camera have done a fantastic job in capturing that intimacy which really makes you feel as if you’re there; surrounded by candles, wine and good music. And she also looks incredibly stunning.

What a treat to watch her performance again and again. The joy, the sadness, the pain…a rollercoaster of emotions. There are too many highlights to mention, but here are a few which I loved.

It opens with “Beautiful Life” from the Walking in the Sun album. I fell in love with this song the moment I first heard it – it’s positive vibe, how we should appreciate all that wonderful life around us, and tap into those beautiful feelings within us. It always makes me think and makes me smile.

“Dancer in the Dawn” from Bare which brings the show to a close. Again, another song I adore and another example of what a genius lyricist Barb is. It’s bright, joy, light in the darkness song again. Loved it on the album, but live it really comes alive and bursts forth with a vibrant, triumphant thump. We will be dancers to the dawn.

“Au Depart” – a tribute to Russell Churney (who left us far too soon). I’m not ashamed to say that I burst into tears watching this. It didn’t feel like a performance – it was sad, beautiful, raw, honest, wistful and painful. An acting and singing masterclass and worth the price of the DVD alone for this performance. I don’t want to spoil it too much, but it’s so beautifully staged and filmed – as the camera pulls away and you really understand the ‘dialogue for empty chairs’.

The DVD hasn’t left my DVD player in months…and it’s been a joy showing it to friends. Don’t just buy it for yourself…buy it for anyone who appreciates good music and wonderful singing. Quite simply, it’s brilliant.

Thank you Cheek2Cheek and Barb, for this sumptuous gift.

For more information on Chanson Encore!, click here.
To order Chanson Encore!, click here.

Cheek2Cheek Productions

Fan’s Corner – Angela Travis
By Angela Travis
Brighton, UK

How lovely to have this chance to share our Diva Delights and network this way!

I was trawling through my cuttings and souvenirs of gigs and various shows, and realised the impact of Barb and her hard work had on my friends. It has been far greater than I had at first imagined. Like a pebble dropped in the lake the ripples have spread, and from our first encounter at Cafe Prague at Brighton Komedia, our horizons have widened and taken in many more fabulous artists and venues.

Being hard pressed for time at the point of writing, I hope to put together a few “cameos” and memories for the next issue, and suggested a column, something like “Where are they now?”

All the people who have memories with Barb over the years, both lesser known and famous (Julian and his plastic cherub will certainly be mentioned!), I would love to hear from anyone with an offering: angiejeanne2@googlemail.com.

I recently attended a wedding at Stanmer House in Brighton, and the lovely Magdalena Reising played the harp for the entry of the bridal procession and accompanied us afterwards. We first met at Komedia, where she was a frequent accompanist and later with Mandy and the Magdalenas. A group of us went to the launch of her Blue Cafe CD, which was delightful.

So, from small beginnings, Barb and the fans expanded to venues various – a great favourite being the South Bank venues and Barb performing in her own right. Chichester, Crawley, Wimborne, Soho, Greenham Arts, the film, fundraiser at the Royal Institute followed by the making of Chanson Encore! (three of us had the privilege of performing walk OFF parts!).

And not to forget my Dorset friend falling in love with Sarah Moule’s performance at Cafe Prague, and following her whenever they can.

A string of names comes to mind, all of whom were very significant in making our nights out in Brighton so memorable, and it would be good to hear news of them.

Richard and Jeanette at the old box office spring to mind as they came to my charity birthday event, which Barb put her name to and provided CD raffle prizes.

Stuart Flynn and his amazing high heels and hat shop, super front of house Ben Blake, who did an amazing impromptu with Adrian York one Christmas, when Barb was sadly unable to be there (also sang Breil with spot-on French accent). The Fabulous Howard Samuels and his “short men” renderings, the Rottingdean Queen who rocked the house with fantastic bits of body percussion, the wheel-chair bound young man, who told me through a carer that he taught dance), Jane Bombane with her astonishing musical hats, and so many more.

Strange and sad to think, that it’s hard to find something like Cafe Prague showcasing cabaret anywhere nowadays.

We still miss it, but I am really glad I found that little advert in a fit of peak moment and rounded up the troops. I did a rough count the other day (sad old lade!) and am proud to brag that I personally have introduced approximately 140 people to Barb and others on her circuits!

Hope to hear from anyone with snippets for the next issue.

Angie, Brighton x



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Stockport To Memphis and August News

Dear Friends,
The big news is that the new CD Stockport To Memphis is just about finished – artwork is being done and notes and press releases written and I am learning how to make movies so look out world. The album is released on 22nd October but I’ll let you know via the fan club if early copies are available. Contact Lena at barbjungrfanclub@gmail.com to join.
Meanwhile I am at The Edinburgh Fringe for ONE NIGHT ONLY at the glorious Queen’s Hall on August 10th and in Northamptonshire and London, before the new songs unveil – details below.
Hope to see you there, please let Edinburgh friends know if they will be up there.
Namaste and Olympic joy,

AUGUST10th, Fri, Edinburgh, The Queen’s Hall/Acoustic Music Centre, accompanied by Simon Wallace. 9pm, 

www.thequeenshall.net 0131 668 2019

85-89 Clerk Street  Edinburgh EH8 9JG

19th, Sun,LondonBarb Jungr 606 Jazz Club , Lots Road, Chelsea. +44 (0)20 7352 5953. http://www.606club.co.uk/

25th, Sat, GrettonVillage Hall, Village Hall, Kirby Road, Gretton NN17 3DD Northamptonshire. Tickets available from Gretton Post Office, or by reservation from Andy at 01536-770302

new youtube channel – www.youtube.com/user/barbjungrsings
 “a stunning Blind Willie McTell, surely the hardest Dylan song to cover, but on which Jungr’s delivery is breathtaking.” Uncut April 2012
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Dear Friends an…

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Its been a superb spring and early summer and at last we are nearing the finish of the new CD, which will be available live from late September and released in October in the UK. There’ll be tons more news on it soon but its been a total joy working on it and I can’t wait to get it out into the world.


Meanwhile there are some lovely summer shows, in June in Margate and Corby, while in July there’s the last outing of the current Dylan show in London, at the Arts Theatre, please don’t miss it if you haven’t heard this collection, its a joy, and I love singing these Dylan songs – and in August a “best of Barb” show at the Queen’s Hall at the Edinburgh Festival with Simon Wallace on piano – all dates are on the website.

I Hope to see you at one of these, love, namaste, and peace, Barb


15th, London, Barb Jungr sings Bob Dylan, The Arts Theatre, Arts Theatre, 6-7 Great Newport Street, Leicester Square, London, WC2H 7JB, www.artstheatrewestend.co.uk, BO : 020 7836 8463 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              020 7836 8463     end_of_the_skype_highlighting
10th, Fri, Edinburgh, The Queen’s Hall/Acoustic Music Centre, accompanied by Simon Wallace. 9pm,

www.thequeenshall.net, 0131 668 2019 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              0131 668 2019     end_of_the_skype_highlighting

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Man In The Long Black Coat, Barb Jungr sings Bob Dylan

Man In The Long Black Coat, Barb Jungr sings Bob Dylan

“Widely regarded as one of the foremost interpreters of what she calls ‘the new American songbook’ and central to this is the back catalogue of Bob Dylan.” (The American)

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