So the new CD -…


So the new CD – Stockport to Memphis – is finished, and about to hit the streets – official release date is 22nd October but its already available for pre ordering from Amazon, which is scary and brilliant. Meanwhile my friend is on Celebrity Big Brother, and doing marvellously – as I expected he would – so that’s lovely. And the gigs start kind of now. I had such a lazy summer, even though the weather wasn’t great, I managed to lie for 4 separate half hours in the garden and get the makings of a tan, and did yoga with Norman Blaire and Amanda Denton and ran in the gym, and followed stage 2 of Zoe Harcombe in league with my NY Scouse mate Jane Buchanan, drank wine and went to the cinema and saw Arsenal’s first match of the season with Ernest and the semi finals of the women’s basketball – also with Ernest, and ate pasta at Sugo and saw Erika and Kasia there….and walked the Dorset coastal path and all the way around Portland Bill. Should have done more writing, but that’s happening now, so its been summer….and lovely. Autumn crowding in, with Corby hotting up, we’ve been doing the writing workshops all through the summer and now the concert there is becoming a reality and the CD plans and sleeve design and photographs – went to Stockport Plaza with Emily Dennison and Ailsa for those….and Edinburgh at the Festival was wonderful even though it was a whistle stop and Habie Schwarz took some fabulous photos there and Billy Watson shot some video footage thats now up on youtube…its all been go. And I managed to visit Wendy Lee and eat cheesecake. Good films through the summer – The Imposter, the Sixto Rogriguez documentary, and the new Brit Marling film – we loved Another World, JP and I, and we weren’t disappointed with The Sound of My Voice, either. Saw London Road – again – worth every second – and Yes Minister – because my mum really wanted to see it…good books, well, I discovered Jonathan Franzen andcouldn’t put down Freedom and then started on The Corrections straight away…saw Richard Rodney Bennet and Claire Martin (with whom I had a fab day in Brighton) at Ronnie Scott’s give their superb performance which was a masterclass in the Great American Songbook….met Don Black at the Proms Literary recording on which we were both guests, and then Ernest and I saw the Broadway Proms which was fun…did a wonderful workshop with Peter Glanville on our new piece for the Little Angel which will open next year….and did I say the new CD is out soon…..with the London launch at The Hippodrome from 24th September, and the out of London first show at Greenham on this friday.

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