The internationally acclaimed performer and recording artist Barb Jungr brings her acclaimed interpretations of Bob Dylan songs, American songbook, as well as new Stockport to Memphis shows to tour in the UK. This follows another 3-week run of the Dylan shows in NYC in April 2012, to rave reviews, having been invited back by popular demand.

Barb is wholly passionate about songs and singing, and this is never more apparent than in her live shows where she holds audiences spellbound with her revelatory interpretations and dramatic style of delivery. Slick and entertaining to the last, she balances these grand gestures with her innate sense of humour and comic timing.

A brand new album, Stockport to Memphis is set for release later this year on Naim Jazz Records. In a departure from the norm, it will include five original songs by Barb, four co-written with Simon Wallace and including the title track. Of course, as would be expected from one of the world’s best contemporary interpreters of song, the album will also feature insightful versions of songs by some of Barb’s favourite songwriters, including Rod Argent, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young and another Dylan classic, the identity of which is still under wraps.

Variously described by critics as magnificent, mesmerising and magical and favourably compared to Nina Simone, Peggy Lee and Edith Piaf, Barb Jungr has, in recent years, built a formidable reputation on the international stage. With her stunningly evocative interpretations of songs from what she champions as the ‘Great New American Songbook’ (includes, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Jacques Brel, Bruce Springsteen and many more), Barb has taken the art of cabaret singing, incorporating, blues, jazz and soul, and imbued it with new vitality and relevance for the 21st century,

“One of the very best nightclub singers in the world” (Time Out, NYC)

“In 2002, the British singer Barb Jungr released “Barb Jungr sings Bob Dylan: Every Grain of Sand”, which is, as far as I’m concerned, the most significant vocal album of the 21st century thus far”

(The Wall Street Journal, 2011)

Except for Dylan himself on a good night, this is the best way to hear his songs.”

4-stars (The Independent, 5.8.11)

“Widely regarded as one of the foremost interpreters of what she calls ‘the new American songbook’ and central to this is the back catalogue of Bob Dylan.”  (The American)

“In concert she hurls herself into her songs, breathing fire into every word…… This intensity was nicely balanced by such boundless wit and charm as could easily have afforded her a stand-up comedy career”  (The Sydney Herald)

“Jungr sings Dylan’s words quite beautifully.” (The Herald)

“As a Dylan interpreter, Jungr is right up there with Simone or The Byrds.” (BBC Online)

“brings the same creative capacity for reinterpretation and re-examination that Ella Fitzgerald brought to Cole Porter.” (The Wall Street Journal)

“in concert she hurls herself into her songs, breathing fire into every word…… This intensity was nicely balanced by such boundless wit and charm as could easily have afforded her a stand-up comedy career” (The Sydney Herald)

“The kind of voice that many more should get around to hearing.” (MOJO)

“She (Barb Jungr) now has collected 13 additional Dylan songs into an excellent new album, “The Man in The Long Black Coat,” yet experiencing her in person is even more moving: She forges a truly cosmic connection between singer and songwriter, performer and material, artist and art. (Wall Street Journal)

“…she provides stunning, deeply personal renditions of 13 Dylan classics in which every word shines with crystal clarity.” (New York Post)

“From a fiery, exultant ‘The Times They Are A Changing’ to a silky-soft ‘Sara’ and beyond, Barb gets to the heart of the songs…” (Village Voice)

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